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Jean Gallimore Hege Introduction

Book Dedicated to my Daddy Rex Gallimore


    As we grow older, we become more sensitive to our past. We become somewhat nostalgic when thinking of the good times of our youth or when reliving memories of those special family members who have meant so much to us. Perhaps nostalgia is the driving force that led me to preserve this smallpart of our family heritage.The essence of this book is to document the union, and resultant family, of Seaph Wood Gallimore and Mary Alice Snider Gallimore. It includes information on Gallimore and Snider ancestral and descendant trees, as well as distaff side (maternal) families belonging to several branches and sub-branches. At the end of each biographical sketchthere is a family listing for that particular individual. Please note that persons whose names are underlined are the individualswho are canied on to the next generation of the family tree. A graphical representation of our family tree, located in the front cover pocket, may be of assistance in helping one understand the family lineage. Every one of us, unlesswe are American Indians, has ancestors who came to this land from across the ocean. They all faced a very uncertain future, knowing that they would have to suffer deprivations and even tragic circumstances. Yet, they were willing to take the chances. No doubt, they embarked at points of departure with mbced feelings of hope and frustration. As they moved onto the sailing ships that were to take them on a journey for months across unknown waters, they must have bid a sad farewell to the homes they had known and the loved ones they would never again see. The ships were over-crowded. Freshwater and nourishing food were out of the question and cleanliness and sanitation were unknown quantities. Disease became rampant and numbers of passengers died and were buried at sea. Only the strong of body and character survived. These were our intrepid ancestors and we.can never give them enough gratitude. Our forefathers did the expected: they married, had children,joined churches, bought land, paid taxes, voted, did their civic duty, were counted in censuses. When they died, they generally left wills and had marked graves. They left footprints, which were traceable. I am proud to have gathered and preserved some knowledge of their lives.

    There are several people I want to thank. Vernelle Snider Greene who has been the "keeper" of so much knowledge over the years of the Snider family. Nancy Kearns Crouse Jeffiies who helped with information on the Skeen family. To all of my aunts and uncles who so willinglyshared their knowledge, memories and pictures for all of us. I also want to thank my son, Eric, who scanned all the pictures in this book (and there are many!). And last but not least, my husband, Mike. Mike has a love of genealogy, which started in the 1980's. He researched and did a similarbook to this one in 1997 regarding the Hege and Pugh families. With his support, encouragement and help, I am able to give you this book on the Gallimore and Snider families.

September 1, 2000        Jean Gallimore Hege

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